Pets Given More Than Shelter

It’s important to know that where you leave your pets they will receive love and care very much like the love and care you would give them yourself. It is natural for pet owners to feel nervous about where they are leaving their furry loved ones and a lot of this anxiety can be allayed by choosing the right pet motel.

That’s where we come in. At Durack Pet Motel we love your pets too. Our team of experienced pet lovers are here because we understand the importance of good pet care, as well as how much the animals rely on our love and attention.

We also understand that running a pet motel is not just about sticking your pet in a cage and giving them food and water. Really caring for a pet takes much more than that, so here’s a few of the extras we offer to you and your pet whilst they are in our care.


Nothing feels as good as a new haircut or a manicure, right? Well despite initial misgivings some pets have about baths, they all feel good after them too. We offer an environment like a caring doggy day care where pets are gently hydrobathed in warm water and preened to perfection.

Or if you prefer, we can just give your pet a nail clipping and a brush to remove those nasty knots. Some may protest but no animal can deny the glorious feeling of a ‘new you’.

Special needs

If a pet has special dietary requirements or medication or just needs a little extra TLC because they have nerves, don’t worry. Just talk to one of our friendly staff who will discuss these needs with you and ensure your pet gets the care that it needs.


Pets, particularly dogs, can’t go without playtime. Naturally, while it is clean and comfortable, the space they reside in while at our motel won’t be the same amount of space they enjoy at your home.

All animals are given plenty of attention including cuddles and pats as well as time to stretch their legs and play.

Pick-up and delivery

Here’s the part that will also benefit you greatly. From Monday to Saturday (excluding public holidays) we offer an air-conditioned pick-up and delivery service for your pet. This means if you don’t wish to be pressed for time or don’t have a vehicle we can do the catching and fetching for you!

We do recommend you book this service in peak periods such as school holidays as these are our busiest times.

Check us out online to take a look at the gallery of our happy visitors and learn more about us at the Durack Pet Motel.