Preparing Your Pet for Its Holiday Away From Home

There is no getting around it. Your pet knows when the game is up and you are planning a trip.

You will no sooner start to gather your own belongings into a suitcase and turn to it and find your much loved moggie nestling amongst your belongings.

A dog may not necessarily jump into your bag but they are extremely sensitive animals that pick up on the energy waves their people send out.

So what can you do to get your pet holiday ready?

Talk To Your Pet

This is not as funny as it sounds. We talk to them and have them “talk” back to us anyway so why not when it comes to an imminent trip?

We have spoken with pet owners who swear by this method.

Talk to your pet about where they are going, what their temporary home will look like, what they will see there, the other animals, how long they will be there and the fact that you will be back.

Some people even communicate with their animals by sending them telepathic pictures.

Update Vaccinations

It may seem like a waste of time to update vaccinations, but it is an essential step.

Yes, you have to immunise your animal but so does everybody else.

You do not want your four-legged friend exposed to any illness whilst you are away.

Pack Your Pet’s Toys or Blanket

If your pet has a favourite toy, blanket, pillow, et cetera, that it loves to play or sleep with by all means pack it into its kit.

This should also include any special dietary requirements your pet requires and any medications that need to be administered.

Please ensure all of these items have YOUR name on it. Not your pet’s name. You would not believe how many dogs named Fido we have looked after in our time!

Make a List

Whilst Durack Pet Motel have a fantastic crew who know and love pets, including a 24-hour on call veterinarian, you may wish to have your pet attended by a physician it not only knows and trusts but someone who also has a broader view of your pet’s overall health and treatment.

If you feel you need to, you can include a friend or family member whom we can contact in an emergency.

Every little bit helps towards your pet’s pleasure and comfort.

Drop-off Time

Whether you take advantage of our collection service or deliver your pet yourself it is important you keep your goodbyes brief and with as little emotion as possible.

Longwinded tearful departures only upset your pet more. If you keep it light and happy they will not be as alarmed.