Protocols and Routines

To have proper protocols and routines is the equivalent to dotting our i’s and crossing our t’s in the pet motel business. Durack Pet Motel provide a comprehensive range of services to our furry, four-legged clients. It is so important to have a protocol for each and every action we take.

By having a system in place it means that each and every one of our friendly, animal loving staff knows the routine of our kennels. They can trust that the staff member on duty before they came on shift followed exactly the same procedure. This is obviously also a benefit to our guests. Having a routine that they easily understand and enjoy is especially important for them.

How a Day With Us Looks

We start early in the morning and work solidly through the day ensuring feed bowls are clean and topped up, and that drinking water is also clean and fresh. If our guest is a dog, during their staff monitored playtime outside in the yard, another staff member will be in their little home away from home, cleaning any mess and ensuring a thorough cleanse is conducted.

The activity and interaction is stimulating and satisfying to a dog. It gives them an opportunity to burn off some energy and relax back into a clean environment. If our guest is a cat, their shared time can be done in a couple of ways. Some cats can be quite social and will want to mix with other cats. They also like to tumble and play.

For others, it’s just pats and cuddles in a one-on-one situation, usually conducted in their own memorable suite that is furnished with scratching poles, cubby holes, blankets and even a trampoline bed.

Please feel free to bring along anything of a personal nature that you think will help keep your dog or cat relaxed and calm, knowing you will return.

Feed Times and Medication

We know that sometimes pets can go off their food when their owners are away. This is why we offer a wide range of tasty treats designed to encourage our guests’ palettes. If you feel your precious one will be happier with your own special dietary plan, by all means bring it in with them.

If your pet has any special health issues, we have all been trained in proper administration of all forms of medications.