Safety, Security and Comfort Measures for Dog Boarding

If you have never checked your dog into a boarding kennel, you may have questions about what is involved and what your pet might need while it is on its ‘holiday’. Animals feel more secure when they feel at home in their environment, so our focus is on creating a home away from home for your pet. Caring for the needs of your dog will encompass our staff becoming the surrogate ‘parent’ of your pooch, and your dog’s safety and comfort is of the upmost importance for us at Durack Pet Motel.

Vaccination History

As a health and safety measure we require for all dogs that stay with us at Durack Pet Motel to have their vaccinations and parasite treatments up to date. This ensures the minimisation of infectious diseases that could cause the animal discomfort, or spread among the other ‘guests’.

Sleeping Arrangements

Dogs make themselves at home by moving their bedding around in their kennel until they find a dark, comfortable place to sleep. We provide a comfortable, dry, sleeping quarter of the appropriate temperature and ensure that there are no sharp objects or places where they can get their limbs caught or cause damage to themselves or others.


An important aspect of life for dogs is companionship. As ‘man’s best friend’, dogs benefit from regular human contact, as well as being able to see other dogs. Without appropriate mental stimulation, dogs can become unhappy and display ‘acting out’ behaviours such as barking. Similarly, if dogs are housed in a highly active area with lots of traffic this may over-stimulate them, which can also lead to barking. As we know, when one dog barks unnecessarily, it often creates a chorus, which is often not music to the ears of humans, so our focus is on providing a balance between the two.

Special Dietary Needs

We recognise that different dogs require different diets, so we encourage owners to advise us of specific foods that make life more comfortable for their dog. The more information we have about your pet, the best care we will be able to provide, in all areas, so we make this a priority as we prepare for the arrival of your dog.

Exercise and Toilet Routines

During your dog’s stay with us, we ensure that it receives ample opportunity for adequate exercise, and time away from its kennel to stretch its legs and explore its environment. This includes ensuring that it has adequate opportunities for satisfying its defecating and toilet needs away from its sleeping areas.