Taking the Hassle Out of Time Away

At Durack Pet Motel we pride ourselves in our highly reliable and affordable pet accommodation. You can rest assured while you are away that your furry loved one will be properly pampered and cared for in a safe and clean environment.

Knowing this means you can relax easier into being away and focus on the reason you are going. Whether it is business or pleasure, you don’t need to worry for a moment about your pet. We also offer other fantastic services too, such as pet grooming and a very handy pet taxi service.

On top of supplying your pet with grade A care in your absence we make leaving and arriving home less stressful too. When you are thinking about packing and everything you need to organise for your trip it’s nice to know there are some items you don’t have to add to your list of things to do.

Our taxi is equipped with individual travel compartments for pets, as well as air conditioning, which means a comfortable, safe and conflict free ride to and from our facility. From Monday to Saturday (excluding public holidays) we will arrive at your home to take your furry family member with us and also return at the agreed date.

You can imagine that this service is quite a popular one and so in peak periods such as school holidays we do recommend that you book in advance to avoid disappointment. In the meantime, here are some benefits our taxi service will offer you.

Planning and timing

There is always a list of things you need to organise before a trip away: someone to collect your mail, water your plants and ensure your home is secure, amongst others. While you love your pets dearly it will ease a load off your mind knowing you don’t have to make the drive to bring them to Durack Pet Motel.

On top of this you will save yourself time if you are planning for your pets’ stay to begin the day you leave. This means if you have to make a flight or simply have a time schedule to meet you don’t have to factor in a trip to our motel.

Wear, tear and fuel

When we pick up and deliver your pet you save doing the trip in your own car. This means if you live further than 10 minutes away you have saved yourself the fuel and wear and tear on your car. It also means that if your pet gets stressed in the car you won’t experience this and walk away worried that they are out of sorts.

If you would like to contact us to view our motel or book a stay and taxi service for your pet, click here for contact details.