Teaching Your Dog Who’s Boss

Dogs are the most amazing and lovable companions a person could ask for. Loyal to a fault and so willing to give more than they receive.

They have a sixth sense about the people they live with and can sense everything their humans feel from anxiety, pain and joy. This most probably stems from the pack behaviour they enjoy and appreciate so much.

Unlike humans, they thrive within the pack environment and cope much easier knowing where they sit in the order of things within a particular unit, whatever shape or form that takes.

This is why it is important that your dog understands you are boss. This will entail spending time with your canine companion learning the ropes together.

Knowing the right time when to make a fuss and not to make a fuss will prove invaluable. As will spending quality time throwing a ball or going for a run.

Dogs understand routine so if you have a dog that becomes a worrier when you slip on your going out shoes then putting your shoes on but not going out will settle them.

Important to Maintain the Status Quo

Usually, the people who bring their pets to us at Durack Pet Motel have also invested a great deal of time and money in the training of their much loved four legged friend. They understand that the departure of his or her “pack” creates stress, which can lead to very destructive behaviour and create some very bad habits to boot.

If you are planning a trip away from home you do not want to leave your dog home alone and lonely.

You really do not want to have your dog constantly barking with stress or worry when you go out. This not only leads to conflict with your neighbours but it can also let the unscrupulous know that no one is home.

As professional dog boarding kennels, we understand that your dog, whilst being a pet, is a member of your family. If you have come to the Durack Pet Motel we know right off the bat that you care deeply for your pet and its welfare.

This is why we ensure that your pet gets plenty of attention and play time. They have an opportunity to interact not only with our full trained and animal loving staff but also with other animals that are boarding at the same time. This is always conducted under the strictest supervision to ensure everyone’s safety.