White dog with brown spots looking confused

Thinking of desexing your dog?

The decision, if you are going to have your dog desexed or not, is I think one of the most difficult choices you have to make as a pet owner. These days though social media and educational documentaries has made it easy for us to do this due to it gaining popularity. I personally am not against desexing or am I for it, but I’d rather, before I make a decision for the life and well-being of my dog, I would want to be educated first of the pros and cons of the process. I think we need to further understand what it is and how it is done in order to make a sound decision.


If it was 100 years ago, this act would be considered inhumane and would be named illegal. But due to the issues on animal population control, desexing was given leeway in the 1930’s. This gained popularity due to the boom in the pet population during the mentioned year, so they had to find a way to control it. Sadly at that time one of the ways they also devised was euthanasia.


It started to gain track when the cities started to grow and people started to bring more animals in urban areas. Dogs and cats started to reproduce until the number of stray pets increased that even the city can’t handle. At that time shelters were already being filled up and the health and safety of the residents and pet owners alike were already being compromised. They could not control the numbers anymore, and as much as they wanted to find humane ways for population control, the stray pets were reproducing faster than they could find a way to fix the issue. This all came down to animal welfare vs. human convenience.


Unknown to all of us, well maybe a few dog owners most probably. Desexing has its advantages towards pet dogs. Like human beings, dogs who have a promiscuous and active sex life can also contract harmful diseases and viruses that are fatal for them and for humans alike. The health issues that come, go both ways. For male dogs, they become more prone to testicular cancer, prostate cancer, prostate enlargement, hormone related tumors and infections. For female dogs, they can easily get infections in the uterus, pyometra and breast cancers.


As they are animals, man’s best friend is not a man himself, and he is an animal by nature. So, naturally he has a very unique sexual appetite. They have a tendency to stress, not eat and even go crazy when they feel a female dog is in heat. Their body temperatures seem to call upon each other when this time of the month comes around. A friend of mine told me that he has seen dogs when desexed, develop faster and get stronger. Maybe because all the vitamins and minerals get retained and the animals are able to rest properly.

As I have said, I am neither pro or anti desexing pets. Each to her own pet owner, I cannot impose my personal opinions on the subject because there is yet so much more to learn about the issue. For now, let’s leave it at that.