Tips for Choosing a Pet Boarding Facility

Are you looking for quality pet care for your furry friend while you are away on a holiday or taking care of a family emergency? One of the pet care options available to you is to put your pet in a boarding facility. Do a little research before making your choice. Choosing the right boarding facility is important for your peace of mind and the safety and security of your beloved pet.

Ask other pet owners, neighbours, trusted pet carers or your veterinarian if they have reputable dog kennels they can recommend. You can also search online for local pet boarding facilities that meet the requirements for your pet’s needs. After making a short list, it’s time to make a visit to these pet boarding facilities. Here are some areas that should be given close attention during your visit.

Kennel Appearancecat suites at Durack pet motel

A good pet motel is tidy, organised and smells clean. Request to tour the facility so you can take a look at where your pet will be staying while boarding. Do not worry if you see a sign that says “No Visitors Beyond This Point” as this is a policy intended to protect the pets.

Safety and Security

The facility should have secure and locked fencing where dogs do their exercises, durable gates and dividers between runs, and different suites for cat accommodation. There should be no sharp objects in the facility as well as harmful chemicals. In addition, make sure all toys and equipment are in good condition.

Sanitation and Parasite Control

The kennel should be clean, without faeces, odour and parasites. Make sure the facility enforces strict policies on disinfection and cleaning.

Supervision and Care

Make sure the facility’s staff and carers, who regularly monitor pets throughout the day, are trained to know symptoms of illness or distress. They should be able to call for veterinary help when needed. A good pet boarding facility will also accommodate the special diets, special needs and medication of your pet. The facility’s team of carers should be able to take care of pets with special needs and also administer medication as needed. If your pet has special needs, be sure to discuss your pet’s specific medical needs with the facility’s carers before making a reservation.