Tips for Taking Your Cat to a Cattery

For many cat owners, taking their pet with them on holiday or on business trips is simply not an option. Travelling with a pet, especially overseas, is not simple. They require travel documents and they can’t accompany you immediately like your travel bags because of quarantine issues and regulations. Moreover, a cat’s talent for escaping is a potential for a holiday nightmare. Holidaying with your pet in a tropical destination in bliss is a nice dream, but the reality is it’s impractical.

Leaving your cat in a boarding cattery whilst you travel is a good solution. Cats will be safe and well looked after in there. Still, it is normal for you to be apprehensive about the care and safety of your pet. To feel at peace and relaxed whilst away from home, here are tips when taking your cat to a cattery

Booking the Right Cattery

It is important to choose the right cattery, both for your peace of mind and the safety of your cat. When searching for a place to board your pet, here are certain criteria to consider:

• Book clean cat kennels. Inspect the cages to make sure they are sanitary and do not smell.

• The cages should be large enough for the animals to move around.

• If the pet motel also boards dogs, ensure that the dogs and cats are kept apart.

• Ensure that you will be contacted in case of an emergency and that there is a veterinarian on call to treat the animals if they become sick.

• Make sure your cat will be played with, petted and groomed whilst staying at the cattery. Durack Pet Motel offers a free care programme, a time when pets are given pats, cuddles and daily playtime. Our spacious cat suites, which have a good view of the garden, are fitted with scratching posts as well as shelves and cubby holes.

Also take note of the number of years that a cattery has been in business. Ask the cattery for references or letters from satisfied customers.

Transporting Your Cat

Invest in a good cat carrier to ensure your cat is comfortable and safe when being transported. If pet transportation is available, avail of it for your convenience. At Durack Pet Motel, we offer pickup and delivery services. We will collect your pet at home and transport it directly to our facility. Your pet will be delivered safely to your doorstep once you arrive home from your trip. Our fully air-conditioned pet taxi features a separate travel compartment for each pet to ensure their safety and security.

Prepare your cat before taking it cat to the cattery. Have your cat vaccinated and treated for parasites like fleas and worms. Also, don’t forget to pack their medicines or special food and give them to the cattery staff. Include your pet’s favourite blankets, toys and a T-shirt you own, so your kitty will not miss you as much.