To Board or Not to Board Your Cat

What most people do not realise is that a cat is similar to a dog in that it knows and understands its domain to such an extent that it will do “rounds” similar to a security check to ensure all is well on their patch.

Just as a dog will check the perimeter fences, a cat will check out the house and grounds, sniffing out visitors of both the two legged and four legged variety.

They are just as territorial, if not more so, than a dog.

The question of whether you should board your cat or leave it at home on its own with someone coming in to feed it, arises only when you need to go away, be it holiday or work.

If you know your cat well then you have seen how it may duck out the door in the mornings to see “who” has visited in the night. They are not too good at accepting others into their environment be it human or otherwise.

If you have someone you and your cat know and whom you can trust to come stay in your home, this will go a long way to ensuring your feline friend is kept happy and stress free.

Yes they suffer stress just like us and especially when their owners are away. It’s a big responsibility to look after everything while you are gone and to do without your company and affection as well only makes it worse.

Give Your Cat a Holiday Too

As cats are so territorial you may think that boarding your much loved moggy in a pet motel is a recipe for disaster.

When you consider the stress your cat goes through when you leave it on its own, the risk of boarding lessens.

Boarding your cat with us at the Durack Pet Motel clearly shows it that it can relax and does not need to parole the premises and keep the intruders away all on its own while you are unable to do it yourself.

Our friendly staff members are all here because they love animals and understand their needs and habits.

Our large suites are equipped with comfortable trampoline beds and 6-foot tall scratch posts with shelves and a cubby to explore and hide in.

Regular cuddles and pats are not only demanded by them but are gladly offered by us.

We are able to cater for all dietary needs and medical conditions.