Vaccination Programs for Ageing Pets

Vaccination against the various diseases that affect pets is an important part of being a pet owner. There are different vaccinations for the diverse variety of diseases that affect different animals during the various stages of their lives. As your pet grows older it requires particular vaccination programs to be administered to keep it in the best condition possible, so you can enjoy more time with it, and to have a happy and healthy life together.

What Are Vaccines?

Similar to humans, vaccinations for pets include antigens. These prepare the animal’s body for fighting diseases that it may encounter during its life. These antigens stimulate the body’s immune system to produce antibodies to fight the disease, so that if the animal is exposed to the disease, its body will already have the capability to fight or reduce the severity of the disease. There is no single vaccination schedule for every pet, as each pet is different, so schedules are developed according to the breed of the animal, age and medical history, as well as environment and lifestyle.

Health Problems of Older Pets

Similar to humans, as pets become older, their bodies do not work as well as they used to do and, as a result, they are more likely to suffer from illness and diseases related to their ages. Some of the diseases that can affect geriatric pets include cancer, heart disease, liver disease, kidney and urinary tract diseases, joint and bone disease, diabetes, weakness and senility. As well as physiological symptoms, ageing pets can be prone to behavioural changes, which can affect how they interact with the world around them.

Vaccination Schedules

If you have had your dog or cat properly vaccinated throughout its early life, usually as it grows older it will require boosters to the vaccinations that it has already received. The schedule for these will vary depending on the individual animal, and they will be administered by the vet who treats your pet.

It is for this reason that it is important to take your pets to the vet regularly to ensure that they have a good understanding about your pets’ individual medical history. As well as vaccinations, your vet will perform various tests to check for diseases and other medical requirements they age. At Durack Pet Motel, we encourage regular visits to the vet, especially for ageing pets, to ensure that they enjoy the best life possible.