Don’t Wriggle Out of Worming Treatment

The topic of worms has a mixed response and generally not a good one. Like it or not, intestinal worms happen and can not only infest the furry members of our family but the two legged ones as well.

Because of this, it’s important to regularly treat your cat or dog for worms to prevent an infestation and to protect their health as well as your own. Of course, we want your pets’ health to be at its peak at all times but it’s particularly important if they will be visiting us for friendly doggy day care Brisbane or for an extended stay.

At the Durack Pet Motel, we pride ourselves on having clean residences for your dogs or cats to come and stay at while you are away. This is done by following the hygiene practices expected of us but also with the help of the owners of our guests.

Responsible pet owners keep up worming treatments of their pets so that when they go to stay at a pet motel, there is very little chance they bring any parasites in to share with the other guests who are staying.

Pet motels aside, intestinal worms can be quite detrimental to your pet’s health causing diarrhoea, weight loss and more. If you are unsure of what you are dealing with, here is some information on the most common intestinal worms your furry loved one may pick up.


Often found in puppies and kittens, but also adults, roundworms are very easily passed on whilst in the uterus or through nursing from their mothers. They cause a bloated belly look and can sadly cause death through intestinal blockage. The eggs of roundworms can exist in soil for years.


More commonly an issue for dogs, these worms look like small pieces of thread. It’s hard to diagnose whipworm. However, if a dog is experiencing weight loss and has stools that are covered in mucous then this may be an indication of whipworm.


Found in cats and dogs, tapeworms are caused by ingesting fleas, wildlife and rodents. These are often found around the anus and tail area of pets and look a little like sesame seeds. Often a vet quality treatment is required for this parasite.

The main commonality that all worms have is that they are not nice for your pets to put up with. Be kind and treat pets with the best medications possible.

If you want some advice about your pet’s health and staying at the Durack Pet Motel, give us a call or visit us online. The health of all guests is extremely important to us.