What Are Your Pets’ Behavioural Changes Telling You?

We all know that the people in our lives change and often we experience them behaving in new ways when they are in the process of change. Humans can also tend to behave different from normal if they are not feeling as well as they usually do. They may tell you when they are sick, such as, “I’m not feeling like myself at the moment”.

Unfortunately, our pets do not possess the ability to tell us how they feel. As a result, it is up to us to be aware of behavioural changes, which could indicate an underlying medical concern that needs to be addressed. At Durack Pet Motel, we get to know your pet’s personality while it is with us so that we are aware if there is any behaviour that is out of the ordinary.

Urination Changes

One of the most common complaints that vets hear from pet owners is that their previously toilet trained animal has started urinating in the house. Sometimes owners assume that this is a behavioural change that needs to be addressed, but it could indicate a medical concern that is troubling the animal. Some underlying causes why pets may start to urinate in the house could be due to urine infection, or stones in the bladder. Changes in the frequency of urination as well as the quantity could be an indication of issues with the kidney or other organs.

Changes in Eating Habits

Another tell-tale indicator that a pet may have a medical concern is when they change their eating habits. A pet that is drinking a lot more or less water or eating a lot more or less food than usual could have a medical concern that is causing these changes to their eating behaviours. These changes could be caused by a variety of different medical issues such as organ or dental problems, so getting your pet to a vet as soon as you notice changes will assist you in getting a diagnosis and treatment as early as possible.

Less Sociable

Changes in the way that your pet behaves socially could be a big indicator of a medical issue that needs treatment. Pets that are no longer as active as they used to be could be suffering from arthritis or pain of some sort. If your dog usually sleeps on the bed but it has stopped doing so, it could be because it has trouble getting up onto the bed. A cat that takes to hiding could be trying to hide its pain or discomfort. The only way to really find out for sure what is going on with your pet is to take it to the vet for assessment and treatment; so, don’t delay if you notice sudden behavioural changes.