Brown pug lying on the floor

Dogs feel stress too

Dogs have feelings too. They have emotional issues and psychological issues as well. Just like people, they know fear, courage, pain, joy, sadness and love, so it is quite natural that in their daily lives they also know stress.

We then ask why my dog would feel stressed when all he does is walk around the whole day, eat, sleep and go about his doggy business. There are so many things that we humans do that actually stress our dogs out. Remember dogs are not children. Their behavioral patterns are very different and their reactions are different. Although they feel the same emotions as human beings, their psychological make up is different.

Dog Stressors

Conflicting Instructions

Dogs have a different language, and saying it out loud may be gibberish to them, unless he is already used to his owner’s behavior. When you give an instruction make sure that you do it with one word or action only, so that the dog knows which one to follow. Doing different hand gestures and saying different words for one action will only give them a hard time.

Punishments for Misbehaving

A dog is a dog, he will behave like a dog. So if there is an opportunity to play and run around he will definitely do it. Now if you punish him for his supposedly normal dog behavior it confuses them, and causes them a lot of stress.

Spanking or Pulling their Leash

We all know why this is the number 1 cause of dog stress, right? It is pretty natural that when you hurt a dog or even a human being as a matter of fact, this will cause a certain amount of stress to them.


Even your boyfriend will get mad at you if you wake them up the wrong way. Dogs love their nap times, and they really sleep soundly and deeply. So if you wake them up in a sudden whim, this creates quite a harsh environment for them.

It’s “okay” When It’s Not

Dogs know when things are not okay, so don’t say it is when it’s not. For example, if your dog hates to take a bath, and you keep on telling him that it’s all “okay”, when he clearly knows he does not like it. The word triggers them to feel stressed and feisty. Better to just calm them down first with a pat on the head and a stroke on their coat.

Negative Energy

Dogs pick up a change in energies around them, especially when it comes to their owners. So when you are angry or you and your partner are fighting, they can instantly pick this up and they get stressed out by the energy they feel.

There is still a number of things that cause stress in our dogs, and these are just a few of them. The key to eliminating or even just minimizing stress in the lives of man’s best friend is to respect their dog-liness and their needs as well. Spend time with them, and give them a stroke or a pat. Try to understand their disposition and look out for things that may be causing stress in their lives. Being conscious about all of this may just help you encourage a stress-free environment for your dogs.