What To Look For In A Good Pet Sitter

For some, the thought of sending your four-legged loved one to a Pet Motel seems a bit scary.

Yes, it’s true – it is not like their home. The reality is, they get a secure, comfortable place to sleep and retreat to. Sometimes even more so than they may get at home. We understand though that there are some well-loved doggies and moggies that can be afforded this five-star treatment at home.

Durack Pet Motel gives our guests the best possible care and attention by visiting them often through the day and allowing them regular playtime with our other guests. This is carried out in a safe environment that allows them to be monitored and still be themselves.

Our staff members are trained to provide support for a wide variety of animal health needs.

Regardless of whether you choose to rely on a friend or family member or employ the services of a professional pet sitter, there are some important observations to be made and questions to be asked to ensure your expectations are met.

In the case of a professional sitter they should be able to provide references outlining their experience.

How Do They Relate to Your Pet?

Does your pet respond favourably to the person you are considering? This is always a good sign. Equally important though is how this person relates to your pet, both in your company and out of it.

Stay At Your House or Regular Visits?

For good pet health and state of mind they should be visited three times per day when you are away. Will your sitter stay at your home and provide this care? Will they take your pet to their home? If not, can they come three times per day? More? Less?

Exercise, Health Issues – Willing and Able

Is your considered sitter able and willing to administer medications? Are they prepared to look after a sick animal? How would they care and clean up for a pet such as this?

In the case of a dog, regular exercise is essential and should be part of every day. Is this person willing to take your dog for walks and play catch, for example?

Watch how they react when asked these questions. How do they answer them? A professional sitter should also have some knowledge of the veterinary care available in the area in case of an emergency.