Black dog and a red rose

Why do dogs like to hump?

Why do they do it? We always ask that question, right? Do they have an attraction to the couch or maybe in love with our legs? Or maybe they are suffering from a rare sex addiction syndrome that has not been discovered yet? So we ask why dogs keep on humping.

Dog humping, just to clear out the elephant in the room, is a form of masturbation by dogs. Yes, it is sexual, but can be entirely innocent in some standards and may not even be all about sex at all. It is not unusual though that dogs are doing this, because it is already innate in their nature, and this should be considered a normal behavior for dogs to have.

You can call it any name you want; thrusting, mounting, rubbing or humping, it is still a form of dog masturbation. There are a number of different reasons they actually do this and this is what we will find out in this article.


Of course, it doesn’t mean they know they are practicing, but they literally are. This is a biological calling that no one has to tell them to practice the process, but just to do it. Their bodies are automatically triggered at a certain stage in their lives and they become actively seeking sexual pleasure, which results to humping anything and everything they see that is humpable. This is a sign that your dog has reached sexual maturity and is ready to pro-create with a lady dog in heat.


Yep, this is how they play. How would they know that this is not proper decorum? They are dogs for Pete’s sake. This is how they express their youth and playfulness at times. If this is the case, this one is purely innocent, like a kid who does not know what’s right from wrong. They already associate the act to happiness and pleasure that even when they are already neutered, some dogs still have the tendency to do this because they remember feeling good when they did this before.


When humans get stressed, we eat, we exercise, we drink etc. Dogs masturbate. This is for real, masturbation or humping is a way for them to release pent up energy inside them. When they are happy or excited. Stressed or sad, this is a way to let it all go. That is why dogs who lack exercise or are not encouraged to move around have the tendency to do this more. Dogs have tons of energy and they have to release it sometime during the day.


In the animal kingdom, someone has to be the king, or better yet even just be the alpha male or female. Mounting or humping a less dominant member of their tribe or lady dogs, shows their dominance and this is considered social behavior for the dogs. During the time of sexual activity their testosterone is over flowing and they need to establish their seniority within their territories, hence the mounting occurs. They will actually do this even towards male dogs alike.

This may be an embarrassing behavior for your dogs, but it is inevitable. To minimize it, you can consider having the dog spayed or neutered, but at the end of the day you have to understand that this is just normal for your dogs to do.