Why Potty and Behavioural Training Are Recommended for Pets

When we begin a relationship with a human, we set clear boundaries about what will work for us in the relationship; we also provide the person with skills to understand the way that we do things. When beginning a relationship with a pet, it is recommended to do the same thing, only in the context of what you desire from the relationship with your pet. Two areas that are important for your pet to learn about are toilet training and behavioural training to assist in a harmonious and smooth relationship. The best time to train your pets is from when they are very young, so that they learn what is appropriate and what you will expect from them during the relationship.

Set Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries are as important as freedom, for both pets and people. Knowing what we can and cannot do allows us to feel secure, and consistency is an important part of this. Teaching pets where they need to go to the toilet from an early age not only assists you in maintaining a hygienic home, but also helps when you are out in public places. Knowing where they are allowed to sit, what they are allowed to chew and where they sleep allows pets to feel more relaxed and secure.

Prevent Damage to Property

During the younger years, we can often expect some property to be damaged by our pets as they ‘learn the ropes’ and gain valuable experience about what they can and cannot do. As pets grow older, if they are trained appropriately and understand what their owner likes or does not like, then there are (hopefully) going to be less damages and a more harmonious relationship for everyone.

Prepare Your Pet for Social Outings

People who have ever witnessed a child throwing a crazed tantrum in public will be able to appreciate the embarrassment and horror for the parent of the child, and understand how an unruly pet can cause similar embarrassment. Owning a pet that will not listen to your commands or do its business in the appropriate places can be extremely embarrassing as a pet owner, often causing the owner to avoid public outings or social visits. It is for this reason that putting in a little effort to train your pet can go a long way for a happier life together, and at Durack Pet Motel, we encourage this type of training for your pet while it is young.