Why Should I Consider Pet Insurance?

If you have recently welcomed a new furry friend into the family, you’ll probably be thinking of how to give them the best start in life, the same as you would for a child. Apart from training them about what is appropriate for your household, you might be considering whether you would benefit from getting pet insurance for them.

What are the Benefits?

Like having a child, if you are the proud owner of a pet, it is good to be aware that anything can happen, at any time; usually when you least expect it. But unlike children, dogs and cats are notorious for getting into trouble and you can’t always be there to ensure that they are safe and sound. Seeing a vet can be really costly to the hip pocket and can end up costing you a lot of money if your animals hurt themselves or get sick and need emergency medical treatment. But having pet insurance could save you some money in the long run.

What it Covers

Pet insurance usually will not cover the routine vaccinations and day to day expenses of looking after a pet but it will provide you with emergency medical care and treatment for unexpected diseases and injuries. Having said that, some pet insurance will also cover for routine vaccinations, parasite treatments and other expenses.

If you need to have your pet minded by a professional such as Durack Pet Motel, for a period, due to you being hospitalised, you may find that your pet insurance covers some of the expense. Additionally, there are some policies that will cover your legal expenses should your pet injure someone else or cause damage to property.

How It Works

Having pet insurance means that should your pets injure themselves in an accident, you will be able to claim back up to 80% of the costs of their medical bills. It is beneficial to seek pet insurance as early as possible while your dog does not have any pre-existing conditions. A lot of pet insurance companies will not insure your animal if it is over 8 years of age. The older the dog becomes, the more expensive your pet insurance is likely to be due to possible illnesses and conditions that occur frequently in older dogs.